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CupCake Quest

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We spent our Easter break this year looking for the best cupcake in San Diego.  We did find many delicious treats. However, none of us could agree on which one we liked best.  We only tried a handful of places because we only had so much time and extra space in our waistbands :0)  Here are some of our finds and our comments…

Our first stop..we were so excited we forgot to take a picture before we scarfed it down…we were not happy with this place. It just had an odd feel to it and the cupcakes were just ok.

Then we moved on to place #2..Their gimick was square cupcakes. They were quite good but the person behind the counter was not very pleasant.

Place #3 The girls liked this place the best…most of you have heard of it and seen them on TV.  They were very nice and had cool little wooden forks.  Not my favorite though.

#4 These were pretty darn good and even got hubby to join us on this adventure. We all liked these. I tried the gluten/sugar-free version and it was really good.  They even have free monthly tastings. Missed last month but plan on going for the next tasting.

And #5..the final for Easter Break…A local shop close to home and they were very tasty and moist.  However the frosting had a very gritty texture like the sugar was not dissolved.  Sugar free one was good and nice smooth texture.

Please note, these were not all visited in one day :0)  It was over the course of the week.

One thought on “CupCake Quest

  1. Yummmmm!!!!!! Ilove cupcakes!!!

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