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Hawaii FIVE – 0


Hard to believe my hubby is 5-0!!!  We decided to celebrate in Hawaiian style, except the food was our favorite street taco guy :0)  I think it was a good time had by all. Any reason to try out some new cocktails and some comfort food.

What is a Luau without a mai tai?  Here are the items we used to create our version.  We actually ran out 3 times…thats a good mai tai!

We have this joke bottle of Hypnotique that we (ok Matt) were finally able to finish off with this very lovely cocktail. Almost too pretty to drink…almost!

A few appetizers to start off the evening..

Tiki?! Tacos?!  Same thing, right?!

Meats, Rice and Beans…

All the fixin’s…

Look at this yummy plate…

And what is a party without cupcakes?!

6 thoughts on “Hawaii FIVE – 0

  1. What was the taco guys company name?

  2. Thanks! They look amazing!!!!

  3. Where is Rodeo’s? Is it in the Los Angeles area, or someplace else? Will I be able to find them in my homes in Chicago or New York? Are they only regional?

  4. That’s radical dude! I can’t wait to hire them for my wife’s 50th! Thanks!

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