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Our new kick is jars…everything is in a jar around here!  We keep our yummy chocolate in them, we drink out of them, we bake in them and we put our stuff in them.  Eventually we will be making jelly in them :0)  My friend has a delicious jalapeno jelly recipe that we will try first.

Here are our chocolate jars…

(dark chocolate espresso beans, chocolate covered peanuts and plain ole yummy dark chocolate)

Our Nutella and Coconut butter jars (both AMAZING and from www.chocolatecoveredkatie.com whom we absolutely adore by the way)…

Our baked jars (yummy cheesecake from www.naturalnoshing.wordpress.com with an added vanilla wafer on the bottom)…


The finished product with delicious berries…

And our “stuff” jars…


We currently have the pint and half pint jars. However, our next shopping trip will surely include another size.  They are just so much fun!!!

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