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We have moved our site to make it easier for you! Please change your links to: WWW.FLAVORSEEKER.COM (wordpress is no longer needed in the URL).

This site will no longer be updated so please start using the new URL as soon as possible. Don’t forget to change your email subscription so you continue to get POST updates when we make them on our new site: WWW.FLAVORSEEKER.COM

Thank you so much for following us and giving us your feed back. We are having lots of fun!!!

Grace and her Sweetpeas!

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Our Newest Additon

We have a new addition to our garden. Finally broke down and bought some grape vines.  My dad has had such good luck with his, we thought we should finally give it a try…

Here is ours:

Here are a few of his… This is our goal :0)



Dinner from the sea

I can not seem to get enough marinara sauce or spinach these days…here is a dinner variation of my eggs over spinach with marinara…Swapped the eggs with cod. Oh yea, and added some capers. It was delicious!


And look, one left over for lunch tomorrow.

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Our new kick is jars…everything is in a jar around here!  We keep our yummy chocolate in them, we drink out of them, we bake in them and we put our stuff in them.  Eventually we will be making jelly in them :0)  My friend has a delicious jalapeno jelly recipe that we will try first.

Here are our chocolate jars…

(dark chocolate espresso beans, chocolate covered peanuts and plain ole yummy dark chocolate)

Our Nutella and Coconut butter jars (both AMAZING and from www.chocolatecoveredkatie.com whom we absolutely adore by the way)…

Our baked jars (yummy cheesecake from www.naturalnoshing.wordpress.com with an added vanilla wafer on the bottom)…


The finished product with delicious berries…

And our “stuff” jars…


We currently have the pint and half pint jars. However, our next shopping trip will surely include another size.  They are just so much fun!!!


Another warm one..

Too hot to cook anything so we made individual grilled pizza in the backyard. What a beautiful evening.  It was one of those nights where everything was perfect. The weather, the light in the sky, the flavors and the company. Again, did I mention how blessed I am?!

To start, a blueberry apple smoothy.  My Sweetpeas came up with this one and I have to admit…it was the best smoothy we have made so far.


And the pizzas…

One was standard cheese and pepperoni.

One was chicken, garlic, onions, feta and evoo.


And the last was spinach, feta, garlic and onion.

All were delicious.

And we finished it off with the cheesecakes in a jar we made earlier.

What a great day!

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A Day at the Beach

If this doesn’t brighten your day!  We spent the afternoon at the beach and look what my Sweetpeas and their friend made. Pretty nifty, huh?!

Sorry, no food in this picture!


Our garden

Ok, so it isn’t enough for a salad. However, we do have a pretty good start on our squash and basil. I can think of plenty of yummy things to make with those two ingredients.  The lettuce and rosemary are a little slower, but I am sure they will be tasty.  Don’t think our fig or avocado tree will produce any decent fruit this season. The avocado has no fruit and the fig tree has so many beautiful figs but they are all dropping before maturing.  I will keep trying!  I love figs!

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One of my favorite breakfast!!  It is so simple, yet so delicious!  A little wilted spinach, 1 poached egg and 1/4 cup poached egg whites and some homemade marinara sauce. If I am really hungry, I will add a little polenta.  It has your carbs, your protein, your veggies and satisfies that appetite.  Try it and let us know what you think.