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One of my favorite breakfast!!  It is so simple, yet so delicious!  A little wilted spinach, 1 poached egg and 1/4 cup poached egg whites and some homemade marinara sauce. If I am really hungry, I will add a little polenta.  It has your carbs, your protein, your veggies and satisfies that appetite.  Try it and let us know what you think.



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It started with a crepe and ended with a waffle! What a great vacation!!


Grandma’s Canollis

While going through some old things, my Dad found an article from many, many years ago where they published my grandmother’s canolli recipe…so we spent the day trying to recreate it. I have to say, we did a pretty darn good job!  Got the shells down, but still working on the cream.  We also made some crespelle…my all time favorite italian dessert. So light and airy with a touch of honey and powdered sugar. These are so light they can’t possibly have any calories can they?!

My dad made some canolli sticks for us and voila!

This was only a fraction of the shells we made. They were everywhere, but they didn’t last long!



CupCake Quest

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We spent our Easter break this year looking for the best cupcake in San Diego.  We did find many delicious treats. However, none of us could agree on which one we liked best.  We only tried a handful of places because we only had so much time and extra space in our waistbands :0)  Here are some of our finds and our comments…

Our first stop..we were so excited we forgot to take a picture before we scarfed it down…we were not happy with this place. It just had an odd feel to it and the cupcakes were just ok.

Then we moved on to place #2..Their gimick was square cupcakes. They were quite good but the person behind the counter was not very pleasant.

Place #3 The girls liked this place the best…most of you have heard of it and seen them on TV.  They were very nice and had cool little wooden forks.  Not my favorite though.

#4 These were pretty darn good and even got hubby to join us on this adventure. We all liked these. I tried the gluten/sugar-free version and it was really good.  They even have free monthly tastings. Missed last month but plan on going for the next tasting.

And #5..the final for Easter Break…A local shop close to home and they were very tasty and moist.  However the frosting had a very gritty texture like the sugar was not dissolved.  Sugar free one was good and nice smooth texture.

Please note, these were not all visited in one day :0)  It was over the course of the week.

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Hawaii FIVE – 0


Hard to believe my hubby is 5-0!!!  We decided to celebrate in Hawaiian style, except the food was our favorite street taco guy :0)  I think it was a good time had by all. Any reason to try out some new cocktails and some comfort food.

What is a Luau without a mai tai?  Here are the items we used to create our version.  We actually ran out 3 times…thats a good mai tai!

We have this joke bottle of Hypnotique that we (ok Matt) were finally able to finish off with this very lovely cocktail. Almost too pretty to drink…almost!

A few appetizers to start off the evening..

Tiki?! Tacos?!  Same thing, right?!

Meats, Rice and Beans…

All the fixin’s…

Look at this yummy plate…

And what is a party without cupcakes?!

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We had some free time so we headed over to the Santee Farmer’s Market and stumbled across this amazing Paella.  Not quite sure how he kept the whole thing in the pan. Mine always ends up all over the stove and is NEVER this pretty!  I really wanted to try it but was so full from all the other samples. Next time.